Webchoices.us started life as a quick easy way for me to have access to all my stuff from anywhere with an internet connection. Kind of like bringing all my bookmarks with me everywhere I go.

As an IT professional, I often find myself working on other people's computers. In order to have access to all the tools, software, etc. that I need to do my job, I had to carry a thumb drive with me or have a bunch of files stored on my domain.

The problem with storing files on my domain is that I have to do a lot of typing to get them, and I really don't like typing. In addition to that, there are a whole bunch of websites out there I always need access to, but again, typing was required and I don't like typing.

So now I have all my stuff easily accessible from anywhere with webchoices.us, and anyone else can too! Just simply click on the "Create New Account" link, enter in just a little info and you will be signed up! I'll get you started with a few links to valuable tools (which you can delete if you want). Then you can add all your own links, upload software, graphics, documents, utilities or anything else you want. Easy as pie! The links are divided up into several groups so you can be as organized as you want to be! Then just log in from anywhere and you'll have all your important stuff!

I'm not trying to sell you anything, or spam you or anything like that and I will never give anyone your information. In fact, if you're worried about it, just use a fake name. The site is just here for anyone to use. Hopefully it can make your life a little simpler like it does for me.

For you web site developers, as the website grows, I plan to incorporate tools which will help your websites get better Google search rankings, peer reviews and much more. So stay tuned...

~ Chuck